Friday, March 02, 2007

Pope John Paul II -part 2

Under the headline, "Santo Subito": It Doesn't Come Cheap ,Whispers in the Loggia reports that the offer of free cassock-bits offered by the organizers of The John Paul II Cause, was downright inundated: 250 requests yesterday, over 600 today.

He reports:

"The increased demand has been such that the Magnificenzo's Postulation can no longer send the "ex indumentis" mini-swaths (which are for private devotion only as the late pontiff isn't yet beatified) on a gratis basis. Future requests will require a "small donation" to handle the postage -- or else the office responsible for Wojtyla's sainthood would have to pull a San Diego and, literally, go "bankrupt." And, really, who wants that?

"[W]ith such a demand and no donations to cover postage, there is no way they can send these cards to everyone," says Br Chris Gaffrey, a Franciscan theologian speaking for the office, where he works part-time. "To do so, it would literally cost them thousands of Euros daily and bankrupt the Office of the Postulation (whose budget isn't all that extensive to begin with). So, they had to make a decision to limit sending the cards to those who can send a small donation to cover the cost of postage."

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