Thursday, March 01, 2007

Lent Talks

BBC Radio 4 has Lent Talks where six well-known figures reflect on the story of Jesus' ministry and Passion from the perspective of their own personal and professional experience.

In the first, Writer and comedian Armando Iannucci talks about the devil and temptation.

"At a very early age, for example, I discovered that there was a silly side to temptation. I used to quite avidly give things up for Lent (as a boy it was Cadbury's Creme Eggs) thinking this was good for the soul, then I discovered a Lenten loop-hole.

Lent lasts forty days, but is stretched across six and a half weeks between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday. That's forty-six days. Lent is longer than it says it is. I later found out that the six Sundays in Lent don't actually count. So, technically, during Lent you give things up six days a week but are free to gratify yourself senseless on a Sunday, or, in my case, gorge yourself stupid on six Creme Eggs.

It's a theological worm-hole, an ecclesiastical scandal up there with anything described in The Da Vinci Code, which is why I've no reservation about revealing it to you now, and why, when I was recently asked back to talk to the pupils of my old Jesuit-run secondary school, I experienced a curious thrill revealing it to the entire junior school in front of their ecclesiastical staff."

28 February - 4 April

Repeated Saturdays
3 March - 7 April

Repeated Sundays
4 March - 8 April
00:30 and 19:45

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