Saturday, March 10, 2007

Music for Lent

The Vatican Website has a section produced by the Office of Papal Liturgical Celebrations entitled "Music for Lent".

There are .mp3 downloads of music produced by the Pontifical Musical Chorus of the Sistine Chapel and the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music .

In the latter section, there is a selection of sacred and classical music in Mp3 played by teachers and students of the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music. Besides the Section on Lent, there are other sections for the Liturgical Year.

For Lent, there are the following .mp3 files:

Introitus: Tibi dixit (Graduale Romanum)
Time: 2:17 - 3.230 Mb

Psalmus Responsorius: Miserere nostri (Graduale Simplex)
Time: 1:51 - 2.600 Mb

Antiphona Acclamationis: Qui verbum (Graduale Simplex)
Time: 0:31 - 750 Kb

Tractus: De profundis (Graduale Simplex)
Time: 1:22 - 1.932 Mb

Offertorium: Domine convertere (Graduale Romanum)
Time: 2:50 - 3.981 Mb

Communio: Quis dabit (Graduale Romanum)
Time: 2:56 - 4.132 Mb

Bartolomé de Escobedo (1500 ca- 1563): Exsurge quare obdormis, Domine.
Time: 3:16 - 3.068 Mb

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