Monday, March 05, 2007

New Blog Toy

Thanks to Phatcatholic Apologetics, I`ve installed a new feature on the site called Answer Tips.

If you ever want more information about a term or meaning of a word, just double-click it and a little pop-up window will appear with the definition of the word, and other helpful information.

It`s from the Free online Encyclopedia, thesaurus, dictionary, and general knowledge depositary,explanations and facts including biographies, tech terms, geography, pop culture and much more.

You don't even know it's there until you double-click it. So, it doesn't intrude upon your browsing experience at all.

I`m not sure if it`s going to be of all that help. But it`s a pretty cool toy and I`ll be using it for a while- until the next toy comes around.

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