Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Online Library

Double, nay, treble, hat-tips to The Hermeneutic of Continuity, romanmiscellany and Dappled Things for pointing out the latest additions to The Online Library whose website address is

The site alone is ample justification for a connection to the Internet.

American and Canadian libraries have scanned many old books which otherwise would be difficult to access for free. All the books are either out of copyright or ae free public right.

There are of course other such sites as Google Books, Gutenberg, et cetera but this is one of the better ones with a large collection of religious and historical themed books. Perhaps part of the reason is that there is a large input from St Michael`s at The University of Toronto.

One hopes that several of the British Universities might contribute to this project.

For Cardinal Newman devotees, the search results disclose 1929 texts. As well as the various editions of Apologia pro sua Vita, there are very many texts on or by Newman which would be difficult to access without membership of a good University library. The Report of the trial and preliminary proceedings in the case of the Queen on the prosecution of G. Achilli v. Dr. Newman (1852) is one.

Search results for Newman, John Henry, 1801-1890 are at

There are about 320 texts on or by Charles Dickens and about 190 by or about Chesterton.

Some books that might be of interest on the site:
AEneas Silvius (Enea Silvio de' Piccolomini - Pius II) : orator, man of letters, statesman, and pope (1908)By Boulting, William

The lives of the Popes By Platina, 1421-1481

Apologia pro vita sua : being a history of his religious opinions By Newman, John Henry, 1801-1890

Vain fears that keep you from frequent communion with Our Lord : instructions useful for all, even for confessors By Antoninus, Saint, Archbishop of Florence, 1389-1459

Memoirs Of A Renaissance Pope The Commentaries Of Pius II An Abridgment (1959) By Leona C. Gabel

Pius II (Aeneas Silvius Piccolomini) the Humanist Pope (1913) By Ady, Cecilia M. (Cecilia Mary), 1881-1958

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