Sunday, December 24, 2006


KTO-TV is a Catholic TV station in France. It was set up by the Archdiocese of Paris. It started in December 1999 and deals with spirituality, faith, documentaries, education, liturgy, prayer and culture.

I just came across it recently and was surprised at the slickness and professionalism of the station.

On its website, it has a large number of free video downloads which may be of interest even for non-French speakers. The videos are old programmes broadcast by the station.

It is a site worth exploring.

Amongst the videos are:

A Concert in Honour of Benedict XVI in the Sistine Chapel. It was given by the Choir of the Cathedral of Ratisbon which used to be under the direction of the Pope`s brother, Georg Ratzinger. Worth a look even if it is only for the sight of the treasures in the Sistine Chapel. (60 minutes)

Four Concerts by Choirs in Notre Dame, Paris. Again, various choirs, including Haitian, and one from Cameroon. Worth a glance to see Notre Dame again especially the Chapel of St Georges.

Documentary: Life of John Paul II (ten parts) Quite a lot of footage which I had not seen before on British TV. Includes one entitled In the Heart of the Vatican, showing various scenes in the Vatican not usually seen by us tourists. It`s called Jean-Paul II : Au coeur du Vatican

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