Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Little World of Don Camillo

Hat tip to The Happy Catholic

It is nice to be reminded of the tales of Don Camillo and the Communist mayor Peppone by Giovanni Guareschi. Recently some of the stories were broadcast again on BBC Radio 4. The voice of God was that of Joss Ackland.

My father had all the books.

One can even remember when the films starring the French star Fernandel (who played Don Camillo) were broadcast sometimes on the BBC.

Sentimental, pointed and written from a fake naive point of view. They described a world long gone. The fights which they portrayed were in post-war Italy. The fights were in reality serious, long and dangerous. Luckily both sides drew back when required and the fights never degenerated into civil war. Fortunately, Peppone`s party never did end up victorious although several times it was a close run thing.

The Happy Catholic has pointed out a website called The Little World of Giovanni Guareschi which amongst other things contains a number of the tales.

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