Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Marinasco, near La Spezia

View of La Spezia and The Gulf from Marinasco

The Square

The Church and Tower

High Altar


The ancient village of Marinasco overlooks La Spezia and the Gulf of La Spezia.

The earliest written mention of the church in the settlement is from January 950. It was the first church in La Spezia. There are other written records of the village in 1077,1128 and a note of papal privileges from 1148 to 1203.

The church is dedicated to Saint Stephen.

The church has been renovated extensively throughout the centuries but ancient traces of the old structure are still in evidence.

The earliest remains in the church are from the twelfth century, but renovations took place in the fifteenth century and more radically in 1780-1784.

The Church has a baptistry from 1436 and a Madonna and child from the school of Giovanni Pisano from the fourteenth century. Unfortunately the church only has a copy. The original is in the Museum of the Diocese in La Spezia.

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