Saturday, October 04, 2008

Saint Daniele Comboni (1831-1881)

Bishop Daniele Comboni died in Khartoum on 10th October 1881, aged only 50.

His work "The Plan for the Rebirth of Africa" was first regarded as crazy and foolhardy but later came to be regarded as effective and a valid means for the proclamation of the Gospel and the liberation of the African continent.

He established , in 1867 and 1872 respectively, two missionary Institutes of men and of women: these become known more widely as the "Comboni Missionaries" and the "Comboni Missionary Sisters", also known as the "Verona Fathers and Sisters".

He was in the forefront in the struggle against the pernicious Slave Trade, and on consolidating the missionary activity carried out by Africans themselves.

His life story can be seen on the Vatican website here and on the Comboni Missionaries site here

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