Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Roermond Passion

Unknown Artist
Eighteen Scenes from the Life of Christ, known as The Roermond Passion
c. 1435
Oil on canvas on panel
103 x 167,5 cm
The Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Note that in the Lamentation scene, there is a small Augustinian nun is sitting in the foreground. Beside her is a crest which indicates who she was.

Experts at The Rijksmuseum have determined that the arms beside the Augustinian chorister belong to the Van Mirlaer van Milendonck family. Bela van Milendonck, who became a nun in around 1425, commissioned the work in memory of her mother, Bela Scheiffart van Merode. She was the widow of Johan van Mirlaer, lord of Milendonck. which indicates who she was.

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