Monday, June 04, 2007

Saint Mother Marie-Eugénie of Jesus

Saint Marie Eugenie's tomb in the chapel of the Mother House of the Institute of Sisters of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary , Paris

"Marie-Eugénie of Jesus calls us above all to the importance of the Eucharist in Christian life and in spiritual growth. In fact, as she herself underlined, her first Communion had been the defining moment of her life, although she didn't realise it completely then.

Christ, present in the depths of her heart, was working in her, he allowed time to pass according to its own rhythm, so that she could carry out her interior quest that led her to give herself completely to the Lord in religious life, in response to the needs of her times
." -

From the homily delivered 3rd June 2007 by Benedict XVI during the canonisation Mass of Mother Marie-Eugénie of Jesus and others

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