Friday, June 01, 2007

Abortion: Matter of conscience in Commons

The Times reports on the reaction of Catholic MPs in Westminster to Cardinal O``Brien`s speech yesterday on abortion.

"Abortion is creeping up the political agenda and MPs will soon come under pressure to vote on the issue.

A 10-minute Rule Bill seeking compulsory counselling and a seven-day cooling off period for any woman seeking a termination will be presented when MPs return from their Whitsun recess.

The Government’s new Human Tissue and Embryos Bill is also likely to be used as a vehicle for a separate move to reduce the upper time limit on abortions from 24 weeks."

However The Herald based in Glasgow chooses a negative spin on the subject, choosing to describe the reaction as " a furious political backlash". However the reactions quoted are from one or two members of the Scottish Parliament (which has no jurisdiction over abortion) and the usual quotes from the National Secular Society and the British Pregnancy Advisory Service.

Looking at the comments section on the article, one can only be struck at some of the anti-Catholic comments.

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