Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Miss Helen Keller

Unfortunately in Europe we did not and do not have Helen Keller

The story of her life used to be well known but sadly here is no longer remembered

Thankfully her story is still celebrated in the United States. Her statue was recently unveiled at the U S Capitol

Perhaps it is the classic example of the American "Get up and Go" which at the moment in Europe (especially in the Netherlands and in Belgium) looks as if it has long got up and went. Perhaps it is  the American optimism in the triumph of the human spirit over adversity. Or perhaps something else

Miss Keller  was Christian but she was not a Catholic

But her story should still be feted by all Christians of every denomination

"A favorite story about Helen Keller concerns her first introduction to the gospel. When Helen, who was both blind and deaf, learned to communicate, Anne Sullivan, her teacher, decided that it was time for her to hear about Jesus Christ. Anne called for Phillips Brooks, the most famous preacher in Boston. With Sullivan interpreting for him, he talked to Helen Keller about Christ. It wasn't long until a smile lighted up her face. Through her teacher she said, "Mr. Brooks, I have always known about God, but until now I didn't know His name."" 
From Harold E. Helms. God's Final Answer

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