Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Before the Mass at Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles ?

Open Culture writes:

"Pope John Paul II had a mixed legacy. Some good, some bad. But whatever your take on him, you have to give him this — the Pontiff could swing a good bat. Visiting California in 1987, the 67 year-old Pope headed to the batting cages and started lining singles and doubles, maybe even a few triples.  
As the video proceeds, we discover that the switch-hitting Pope had previously honed his batting skills in the Vatican Softball League. The clip concludes with the gracious hosts giving the Pope the royal treatment, treating him to a nice 1980s-style energy drink in a styrofoam cup. Pretty posh. h/t Metafilter  "

Note.  I think that after a few minutes most people realise that the video is a clever fake. But it does have that touch of plausability which makes for a good fake.

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