Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Heinrich Wilhelm Schultz in Puglia

Heinrich Wilhelm Schultz (1808–1855), was  the longtime director of the antiques and art collection of Dresden.

His major work was posthumous: Denkmaeler der Kunst des Mittelalters in Unteritalien (1860)

The work was commissioned by his relatives from the huge amount of work carried out by Schultz prior to his death It was completed by Ferdinand von Quast

His study of Southern Italian churches was lavishly illustrated by engravings of his drawings.

His extensive knowledge was based on journeys to Italy from 1831 to 1842 and again from  1846 to 1847

His work is one of the foundations of  the Italian art history of the Mezzogiorno

It is from looking at his drawings that we can truly appreciate the greatness of the works being depicted

Here are some of his studies of the Cathedral of Trani in Puglia. It is an example of Pugliese Romanesque. The Church is dedicated to San Nicholas the Pilgrim

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