Monday, August 03, 2009


Giovanni Francesco Penni 1496-1528
Transfiguración del Señor/ Transfiguration of the Lord c 1523
Oil on canvas 396,00 cm x 263,00 cm
Museo del Prado, Madrid

This is a copy of The Transfiguration of the Lord by Raphael, presently in the Vatican Museum. Cardinal Giulio de Medici commissioned Penni to make this copy

The present copy differs from Raphael's original, not only in quality, but also in specific details. Christ, Elias and Moses appear enveloped in an aura and the trees on the left have disappeared. There is also a notable attenuation of the chiaroscuro.

Penni was a pupil and assistant of Raphael. Vasari said that he was the heir of Raphael. He was styled Il Fattore (because he was first employed by Raphael as his steward). He and Guilio Romano were often entrusted by Raphael with a large part of the commissions undertaken by Raphael.

After the premature death of Raphael, Penni collaborated with Giulio Romano to the completion of works such as the Hall of Constantine, the Transfiguration, the Assumption and Coronation of the Virgin (1525) in Monteluce, and the Palazzo Te of Mantua

In the mid seventeenth century the painting found its way from Naples to the Convent of the Carmelite nuns of Saint Theresa in Madrid

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