Wednesday, May 05, 2010

London: Carthusian Martyrdom 1535

Nicolas Beatrizet 1507/15 - 1573 or after
After Niccolò Circignani
Horibilis Damnatio Praeclarissimi Doctoris Apvd Parisios Et Salvberrima Cartvsianae Vinae Origo / Pio Ac Catholico Lectori / Anno post Christum natum
Print and Broadside
430 millimetres x 511 millimetres
The British Museum, London

The print above is a broadside on the martyrdom of English Carthusian monks in 1535 during the reign of Henry VIII; with an engraving showing at the top a row of nine images with the history of the Carthusian order, underneath this row six larger compartments after an earlier broadside of 1555 which is probably by Beatrizet after Circignani, showing the arrest, imprisonment, torture and execution of monks; with engraved title, inscriptions and text in one column. (Rome, Palumbo:1564)

The print below is an early photographic copy of a similar scene.

The martyrdom of the Carthusian monks
Scaffold with monk hanging, executioner on ladder and cart being driven away, monks behind bars, background right, and bound to horse-drawn sleds, foreground right, body parts and mutilation in progress, foreground left.
Photomechanical print 1860
The British Museum, London

On the martyrdom of the Carthusian monks in London in 1535 see Secret Harbour: Unshakeable attachment to the Pope

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