Monday, January 25, 2010

Timothy and Titus

Soon is the commemoration of the Bishops Timothy and Titus, the collaborators of St Paul.

There is a computer game (trailer above) whose central characters are Timothy and Titus.

The "blurb" reads:

"In the early days of Christianity, the faithful were being tested. The Empire, The Emperor, and pagan forces tried to obstruct and suppress the spread of the Gospel. The apostle Paul wrote letters from prison to his most trusted and beloved friends Timothy and Titus. In these letters were instructions and encouragements for starting new churches.

Now you can help Timothy and Titus retrieve Paul's letters that have been stolen by the Romans.

As Timothy and Titus seek to recover the stolen letters, their adventures lead them across the ancient lands of Crete, Ephesus and Rome to unravel the mystery of the stolen letters. They will also spread the Christian message to those they encounter along the way— from pagans and Roman soldiers, to grieving widows and angry Pharisees."

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