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Albano Poli, Stained glass windows in Chiesa di S. Francesco d'Assisi, Colombare di Sirmione, Italy © Progetto Arte Poli

Albano Poli, Stained glass windows in Monastero di S. Chiara, Naples, Italy © Progetto Arte Poli

Leo Zogmayer, Stained glass windows in Parish Church of St Andrew the Apostle, , Mitterkirchen im Machland, Austria © Glasmalerei Stift Schlierbach

Siegfried Anzinger, Stained glass windows in Parish Church of St John, Weyer, Austria © Glasmalerei Stift Schlierbach

Every two years in Vicenza, Italy the Italian Bishops Conference sponsors a World Fair of "Church Supplies",as well as of  Liturgical and Ecclesiastical Art

It is called "Koinè Expo"

In Easter of this year we  had "Koinè 2013" The images above are from the press release regarding the main theme of this year`s exhibition on Stained glass

The art is of a high quality. It would look beautiful in an art gallery or modern office block. The main problem about some of the highlighted designs is that they are abstract in conception and the general public does not like abstract art. Some say that it is an acquired taste but many art experts and historians do not like it either.

Why attend a place of worship if you are surrounded by art you do not like ? Or art that grates on your nerves ?

That leaves aside the other question which some would wish to debate: is it religious Catholic art ? (which of course assumes that there is a common and accepted definition of "religious Catholic art" and its purposes)

The next fair is to be in 2015 and called Koinè 2015

Koinè has been on the go for over 20 years since 1989

The website states:
"Koinè Fair consists of 4 days of exhibition and conferences. A unique formula conceived to meet visitors purchasing needs for high-caliber church supplies and educational needs for trends, keynotes, tracks, for the episcopate, church leaders, architects, liturgists and specialists. 
Design monographic exhibitions and 4 study days trainings guided by the Italian National Conference of Bishops and the major local Dioceses set new standards and define the liturgical trends for architects, designers and manufacture ... 
360 exhibitors booked 22,000 sqm of exhibit ground in 2013 edition and presented the complete spectrum of products and services for churches and the global distribution channels. 20% of them were international, thus the leading European manufacturers where all represented."
It is part of a lucrative series of fairs and markets  in modern ecclesiastical liturgical goods and art. Other fairs include: Utrecht`s Kerk&Gemeente; Gloria, in Augsburg; Sacroexpo in Poland; Dikè in Valencia, Spain.

Koinè 2015 will mark especially the closure of the 50th anniversary of Vatican II. That is to be the main theme

The press release and website state:
"Koinè confirmed its vocation to be the global intersection between the world of production and that of design thanks to the contribution of the Scientific Committee of Koinè Research, the Diocese of Vicenza, the National Office for Ecclesiastical Cultural Heritage and the National Service for worship buildings of the Italian Bishop Conference, along with the ones of Narthex (French Bishop Conference), and other international guests, whose ongoing ideas and support converted Koinè into the privileged industry “trend-spotting” observatory. 
Throughout the 4 days of cultural installations and international  conferences attracted church leaders, architects, operators, liturgists and experts, thus giving life to unique and focused training/learning, geared specifically to professionals in the trade. "
Now you know one of the sources from where the modern designs come

The Scientific Committee of Koinè Research oversees the projects, the content and the activities of the scientific section of Koine. The Scientific Committee is composed of religious and lay members, it is currently composed of:
Msgr. Fabrizio Capanni, Head of Office for the Pontifical Commission for Cultural Heritage of the Church
Msgr. Francesco Gasparini, Director of the Vicenza Diocese Ecclesiastical Cultural Heritage Office
Msgr. Guido Genero, liturgist
Stefano Mavilio, architect
Msgr. Giuseppe Russo, Director of the SNEC – National Service for worship buildings, Italian Bishop Conference
Msgr. Stefano Russo, Director of the UNBCE – National Office for Ecclesiastical Cultural Heritage, Italian Bishop Conference
Msgr. Giancarlo Santi, architect and President of AMEI – Italian Ecclesiastical Museum Association
Don Roberto Tagliaferri, liturgist – St. Giustina Institute of Pastoral Liturgy, Padua

For an idea of the thoughts of these experts you may wish to consult the magazine Thema, the Italian magazine of the  Centro di studi architettura e liturgia” of  Pescara, where there are many articles about the ideas behind the new Italian sacred art

Here are are some images from past exhibitions

Other past highlights from past exhibitions can be viewed here showing chasubles, stoles, liturgical objects, church seating, "eucharistic containers", main entrances of churches, chalices and patens, lights, flmes and light holders

Koinè 2003 Exhibition “Chalice and paten”. Project by Alberto Maria Prima. Manufactured by Mesa (Cadorago, CO)

Koinè 1993 Exhibition “Seat for the Church” bench designed by Paolo Favaretto. 

Koinè 2005 Exhibition “The Chasuble” hors-concours section, design by Nanni Strada.

Gerhard Richter, Cathedral St. Peter and the Virgin , Cologne, Germany

Koinè Research 2011: The chasubles by Wefers Germany

Koinè Research 2011: The stole - stoles realised by Pia Puonti, Giulia Rizzo, Matilde Coco, Attiliana Argentieri 

DeiSign 2010  Chalice and ciborium  First prize sezione professionisti Progettisti: Duccio Scarpetti, Michelangiolo

Chalice and ciborium  DeiSign 2010: 2nd prize sezione professionisti Progettisti: Claudio Bosio, Alex Bombardieri

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