Saturday, February 03, 2007

Papal Videos

Italian TV (RAI) have an open access archive of video clips of Italian history going back to pre-1950.

Amongst their public archive are over 310 video clips of various Popes, largely of Pope John Paul II.

Amongst the large video clips (which require Real Player or Windows Media Player) are:

Pope John Paul II: meeting with Mother Teresa; overseas visits; Beatification and Canonisation Ceremonies (including Padre Pio); and the Year 2000 Jubilee ceremonies.

There are also older clips of Pope John Paul I, Pope Paul VI, Pope John XXIII, Pope Pius XII, and Pius IX.

There are quite a number on Pope Pius XII.

The website address is:

There, simply use the search engine at the top left hand side of the page. Put the word "papa" in and tick "video". Then press "Cerca" (Italian for "Search"). The thirty one pages should then come up one at a time.

If not, then the web site address of the search sheet is:;radio=;video=checked;foto=;tothits=310;skiphits=301

The videos are listed in order of the newest first. The older ones are listed later on.

Hope you find this as much interest as I did. Even if you don`t understand Italian, the pictures are still of more than historical interest.