Sunday, February 25, 2007

No PowerPoint at the funeral please

The Times February 24, 2007 reports that Cardinal George Pell, the leader of the Catholic Church in Australia, has intervened to ensure the main focus of the funeral Mass remains an act of worship, and has issued guidelines for the conduct of mourners.

"Keep it brief and don’t mention sex or drunkenness — those are the new rules for delivering a eulogy during a funeral Mass in the Roman Catholic Church in Australia. "

"Eulogies should, in future, recall the deceased’s human qualities, including their faith, and speak honestly and compassionately about their life. It is neither necessary nor desirable that speakers give “a life history of the deceased”, and they should omit any embarrassing remarks about romantic conquests, drinking abilities or attacks on the Church’s moral teachings.

The guidelines also frown on the use of PowerPoint presentations about the deceased, and playing his or her favourite song. Those activities should be left for the vigil Mass, on the eve of the funeral, or for the cemetery."

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