Thursday, February 08, 2007

Cathedral of Ste Gudule, Brussels

The Verbruggen sculptor family came from Antwerp.

The great man of the family was Hendrick Frans Verbruggen (Henricus-Franciscus Verbrugghen),(b. 1654, Antwerpen, d. 1724, Antwerpen), Flemish sculptor, architect and book illustrator, son of Peeter Verbrugghen (1615-1686). who created the Ste Gudule pulpit in Brussels.

Verbruggen represents the most characteristic and the most convincing product of the inventive imagination of northern Baroque: there is nothing else like it outside Belgium.

In the highly original oak pulpit he made for the Jesuits of Leuven (1696-99; Brussels Cathedral), a narrative scene is included under the body of the pulpit, which is united in a curvilinear movement with the supporting beams and the sound-board. The pulpit is of Gilded oak, height: 700 cm, width:350 cm