Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Highway to Heaven

Whispers in the Loggia reports on a telephone conversation he had with someone in Rome.

"The heavily-accented speaker asked if I'd like to hear him sing AC/DC's "Highway to Hell," it became clear that this was no joke, but truly the supremo of Sant'Anselmo and abbot-primate of the Benedictine Confederation, Dom Notker Wolf.

He did end up conjuring Bon Scott and singing a verse and chorus of "Highway," complete with opening riff.

The abbot-primate has gotten his biggest buzz in Europe for his spot as rhythm guitarist and flutist for Feedback, a "contemplative" rock band. He got to know his current bandmates when the other members were in boarding school together in Germany, before his election as primate. Alongside AC/DC, the band cites the Stones, ZZ Top and Jethro Tull amongst its influences."

He`s soon to tour the United States. Dates and venues of the gigs will follow.