Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Times

One very very sad story: the other quirky from The Times today.

The Times November 28, 2006

Abortions should be made easier on demand, says charity
Lewis Smith

Approval from two doctors 'not necessary'

Nurses should be free to issue abortion pill

Laws that require two doctors to approve an abortion should be dropped to allow women complete control over their family planning, a leading pregnancy advice charity said yesterday.

The British Pregnancy and Advisory Service, which handles 50,000 terminations a year, is demanding legal reforms to allow abortion on demand as a “responsible back-up” to contraception. The abortion debate has concentrated on the upper limit at which foetuses can be aborted, but the new demands focus on the early stages of pregnancy.

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Not safe in taxis, how forgetful Londoners leave the world behind
Sean O'Neill

For most taxi drivers, it would seem, the big talking point is not who they had in the back of their cab, but what was left behind.

London’s black cab drivers have revealed details of the remarkable collection of lost property that they find on their back seats.

One man abandoned his drunken girlfriend asleep and told the cabbie that he was leaving her as a tip. Another driver was lumbered with a man wearing only underpants. Other taxi drivers in the capital have reported finding a machinegun, an antique telescope and a bag of diamonds worth £100,000 on the rear seats of their cabs.

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