Monday, November 20, 2006

San Miniato al Monte: The Chapel of the Cardinal of Portugal

From the left nave there is access to the Chapel of the Cardinal of Portugal.

It was begun immediately after the very young Cardinal's death in Florence on 27 August 1459.

The initial design was by Antonio Manetti (Ciaccheri) but after his death in 1460 the work was continued by the "Alberti" workshop of Bernardo Rossellino. The main work is the tomb itself by Antonio Rossellino.

Others who contributed were: Piero and Antonio Pollaiolo, Alesso Baldovinetti and Luca della Robbia.

Jaime, Infant of Portugal, administrator of the archdiocese of Lisbon, Portugal was created a cardinal by Callixtus III on September 17, 1456. He was aged 22 years. He died aged twenty five years.

ROSSELLINO, Antonio (b. 1427, Settignano, d. 1479, Firenze) T omb of the Cardinal of Portugal 1461-66 Gilded marble, height: 400 cm

ROBBIA, Luca della (b. 1399/1400, Firenze, d. 1482, Firenze) Ceiling decoration 1461-62 Painted and glazed terracotta