Wednesday, November 08, 2006


At the time of Pius II, Latin was the universal language. He wrote and spoke in Latin. It was second nature.He was steeped in the Latin Classics as were many of his Humanist contemporaries. It was the re-discovery of the Classical Latin culture before, during and after the time of Pius II which helped to fuel the great re-awakening in culture which took place at that time.

Now Latin is no longer taught as it used to be.

However there appears to be an increasing awakening in the use of Latin.

No doubt many are already aware of Father Reginald Foster who is one of the chief Latinists at the Vatican. He seems to have become almost a legend in his own lifetime.

He speaks on Latin Radio and until recently taught at the Gregorian University in Rome. It is understood that he has now set up his own institute to teach Latin.

He has also spoken on Pius II.

For more see:

Fr Coulter also has on his site downloadable recordings of Fr Foster`s talks given on Vatican radio. See in particular re Pius II:
10/14/06 - Pope in a Boat: When popes went downstream to the Roman port of Ostia.
2/4/06 - Picnic With The Pope: Pope Pius II went down the Tiber River in a rowing boat to have a picnic out in Ostia. But while he was eating his dish of shark a violent storm ripped his papal tent apart (Harvard University Office of International Programmes)

God speed and all good luck to him.