Saturday, April 04, 2015

The Lamentation

Lubin Baugin (c. 1612 – 1663)
Déploration du Christ 
Lamentation over Christ
Oil on canvas
130 × 103 cm
Musée du Louvre, Paris

Baugin was appointed Maître Peintre in the Guild of Saint-Germain-des-Près in 1629, but from 1636 onward he spent many years in Italy. 

He painted religious works and has earned the nickname "Le Petit Guide" (Little Guido) because he was strongly influenced by Guido Reni. 

His reputation has recovered during the 20th century after being unjustly forgotten and undervalued

In this work, the painter emphasises the relationship and status of both Christ and his mother Mary

This was the point emphasised by Pope Francis in his homily at Castel Gandolfo on 15th August 2013, the Feast of the Assumption:

"[T]he mystery of Mary’s Assumption body and soul is fully inscribed in the resurrection of Christ.  
The Mother’s humanity is “attracted” by the Son in his own passage from death to life. Once and for all, Jesus entered into eternal life with all the humanity he had drawn from Mary; and she, the Mother, who followed him faithfully throughout her life, followed him with her heart, and entered with him into eternal life which we also call heaven, paradise, the Father’s house. 
Mary also experienced the martyrdom of the Cross: the martyrdom of her heart, the martyrdom of her soul.  
She lived her Son’s Passion to the depths of her soul. She was fully united to him in his death, and so she was given the gift of resurrection.  
Christ is the first fruits from the dead and Mary is the first of the redeemed, the first of “those who are in Christ”. 
She is our Mother, but we can also say that she is our representative, our sister, our eldest sister, she is the first of the redeemed, who has arrived in heaven."

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