Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Prayer Meme

I`ve been "memed". Thanks (I think) Esther

The rules, (from Mac) which need to be posted:

"Name your three most favorite prayers, and explain why they're your favorites. Then tag five bloggers - give them a link, and then go and tell them they have been tagged. Finally, tell the person who tagged you that you've completed the meme... The Liturgy and the Sacraments are off limits here. I'm more interested in people's favorite devotional prayers."

Mine are totally unoriginal and quite simple and straightforward, I`m afraid

Any explanation would be superfluous. It has been better said why by others over the ages. One main reason is that they have all been recited by the Church over millenia and centuries and are part of a never ceasing chant or litany of the Church of the living and the dead.

They are:

1. The Our Father
2. The Hail Mary
3. The Glory-Be