Friday, July 16, 2010

New cardinals likely to be named |

The Catholic Herald reports that new cardinals likely to be named soon.

Far from a slow decline into inactivity the Pope seems determined to keep up a rather frenetic pace. As can be seen from all the events which have happened this week (which was supposed to be the beginning of a long holiday)

It is almost as if he is determined not to repeat what happened in the last years of Paul VI when after 1973 not a lot seemed to happen and there appeared to be a period of drift and waiting for the next Pope.

In the same way perhaps it happened in the last final years of Pope John Paul II.

The British Prime Minister William E Gladstone was described by Victorian contemporaries as "an old man in a hurry". It looks as if this Pope has set his agenda, is now pushing it through and trying to preserve his legacy. The choice of new cardinals will be an iimportant indication of how he envisages his legacy to the Church and how that can be best preserved.