Friday, July 09, 2010

The Consecration of Monte Cassino

On 25th October 1964 Pope Paul VI went to Monte Cassino to consecrate the new abbey after the old abbey was destroyed in the Second World War. He also declared the Abbey's founder, Saint Benedict of Nursia, Patron Saint of Europe

Pope Paul VI, accompanied by members of the Papal Court and six Cardinals, are seen performing the ceremony of consecrating the new abbey of Monte Cassino They consecrate the altar and all the crosses around the abbey.

The Pope and his entourage bless the building. as well as the organ

Here is a link to a Pathe Video of the event: (Press picture to get to the video)

Pope John XXIII had a great devotion to Saint Benedict and the abbey at Monte Cassino.

He had intended to carry out the consecration of the new abbey himself when Pope. He had also intended to proclaim St Benedict Patron of Europe. His final illness unfortunately intervened.

Here is an extract from the Preface of Monte Cassino, Byzantium and the West in the Earlier Middle Ages by Herbert Bloch (1986):

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