Friday, May 23, 2008


Brother Gabriel Wüger OSB (1829-1892)
St Benedict 1868-70
(Design by Desiderius Lenz (1832-1928))
St.-Maurus-Kapelle, Beuron (Donautal)

The Beuron art school was founded by a confederation of Benedictine monks in Germany in the late nineteenth century

The early leaders of the school were Maurus Wolter the founder of the Abbey with his brother Placidus Wolter, Father Desiderius Lenz and Gabriel Wuger. Several Benedictine artists worked within the school, including Jan Verkade (18 September 1868 - 19 July 1946). Verkade was one of Les Nabis before entering the Benedictine order.

Lenz elaborated the philosophy and canon of the new school of painting.

In his apostolic letter Archicoenobium Casinense (1913), Pope St. Pius X likened the artistic efforts of the Benedictines of Beuron to the revival of Gregorian chant by the Benedictines of Solesmes. He said: "...together with sacred music, it proves itself to be a powerful aid to the liturgy"