Friday, May 30, 2008

Beuron and The Sacred Heart

Gabriel Wüger OSB 1829 - 1892/5/Father Lukas Steiner OSB 1849-1906
Herz Jesu /The Sacred Heart of Jesus 1873-4

The Conception Abbey (Missouri) website has this to say about the Beuronese School of Art and its theorist, Desiderius Lenz:
"The most significant principle or canon of the Beuronese school is the role which geometry played in determining proportions.

Lenz thought that sacred art should reflect the natural laws of aesthetics through formulae he believed were forgotten after the Greeks and Egyptians.

Geometrical proportions determine ideal forms, and the result is an innate harmony comparable to the mathematical relationships in musical composition. ...

Other canons of the school include:

The orientation of the art is hieratic, speaking to the spirit of the viewer. The art itself worships and invites the viewer to join in the worship of God. As such, it should not stand out boldly of itself but be part of a worshipping environment.

Works are anonymous, done by a group effort, and not for the glory of the artist, but of God.

Imitation is favored over originality, with freehand copying revealing an artist’s genius.

There is full integration of art and architecture. Painting and sculpture are not “additions” to an architectural given but an integral part of it. Thus Beuronese art encompasses painting, architecture, and furnishings."