Friday, May 30, 2008

Annigoni and Monte Cassino

Pietro Annigoni (June 7, 1910 - October 28, 1988)
Pope Victor III (Abbot Desiderius) receives from St. Benedict the Rule and the Pastoral Letter 1972
Fresco 284x422,
Chapel of the Vestry , Monte Cassino

Abbot Desiderius (abbot 1058 - 1087), later became Pope Victor III. The monastery reached the zenith of its influence under Abbot Desiderius.

Pietro Annigoni (June 7, 1910 - October 28, 1988)
The Glory of St. Benedict 1979
Fresco 549x391
The Basilica at Monte Cassino

During the Second World War, the monastery buildings complex was pulverised by aerial bombardments. Restoration followed and the monastery and basilica were re-consecrated by Pope Paul VI in 1964.

The restoration work has continued since then.

The distinguished artist Annigoni was only one who contributed his services.

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