Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Unemployed Philosophers` Guild

Believe it or not, hat tip to Zenit for this one.

The Unemployed Philosophers` Guild is a site where philosophers sell their wares.

Its philosophy ?

"Here in the our Ivory Tower we haven’t yet discovered the first principles of Being (though we concur that the world is watery and pace the whole 20th century Anglo-philosophizing, not formalizable!), but we have discovered that people seem to really like the giants of our educations reduced to little finger puppets, mugs and witty jokes. (Alright, we really should leave Hegel alone, but oddly he sells!) The Unemployed Philosophers Guild kills two birds with one stone: We make people laugh and earn enough money to read Spinoza and raise some families."

Here are some examples:

Walk in the masters footsteps with these newly redesigned Freudian Slippers! Price: $24.95

A little book with assorted sticky notes.Price: $6.50

They seem to have run out of the Nietzsche Will to Power Energy Chocolate Bar.

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