Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Pope’s letter to Chinese Catholics

W D T P R S has a lengthy article on the Letter the Holy Father promised to Chinese Catholics .

He provides a detailed summary of what Joseph Card. Zen of Hong Kong, says about the forthcoming letter.

" Card. Zen predicts there were be backlashes from the government. In his open comments about the upcoming letter, the Cardinal is clearly doing some damage control, on the one hand, but also preparing the ground for a good reception."

Cardinal Zen said:

"If readers, inside and outside China, accept the suggestions of the article, they will expect the Holy Father to emphasise with friendship rather than truth and diplomatic relations rather than real normalisation and real religious freedom.

People with such expectations, I believe, will be disappointed when the letter does come out. ...

We must believe that the only purpose of the Holy Father in writing such a letter is the real normalisation of the religious situation, so that the millions of Chinese Catholic faithful can live their lives of faith happily and bear abundant fruit. Let us be united in prayer and action behind this unique purpose for which we must stand up. Let us join the majority, or the almost totality of the faithful on mainland China, who are ready to accept, without reservation, the directives contained in the Holy Father’s letter."

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