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The Church of Notre-Dame De Toute Grâce du Plateau d'Assy

Rouault.- Stained glass window of St Veronica at Assy

Richier.- Crucifix at Assy

Marc Chagall at Assy

Matisse at Assy

Kyjno. Crypt and Tabernacle

Not far from Chamonix in France, The Church of Notre-Dame De Toute Grâce du Plateau d'Assy stands in a beautiful situation on a mountain-side facing Mont Blanc. It was designed by the architect Maurice Novarina and was constructed in 1937-45.

In 1939, Père Marie-Alain Couturier, known as Father Couturier (November 15, 1897-February 9, 1954) and who was a Dominican friar, began twelve years ago of commissioning the best and most extreme moderns he could find to embellish the Church.

He brought together Braque, Matisse, Bonnard, Lurçat, Rouault, Léger, Bazaine, Chagall, Berçot, Briançon, and Richier.

In 1948, the Church and all its works were consecrated by the local bishop.

However in 1949, the local bishop ordered the crucifix to be removed. It had been subject to complaints.

The crucifix had no cross, but only a green bronze, faceless figure cast roughly in the shape of a cross. The sculptor, Germaine Richier, explained that "the cross has been taken with the suffering into the flesh, and its outlines can just be made out coming from the undersides of the arms. There is no face because God is the spirit and faceless."

A number of years later, it was allowed back in.


Notre Dame de Toute Grace (Haute Savoie)

Images of the Church

Eglise Notre-Dame De Toute Grâce
(Plateau d'Assy)

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