Monday, June 15, 2009

The Shrine of St. Sebaldus

Peter Vischer the Elder (c. 1455 – January 7, 1529), and Workshop,
Shrine of St. Sebaldus. , 1508- 1519,
Cast brass,
St. Sebaldus Church,[ Sebalduskirche] Nuremberg,

The shrine is Gothic

The work actually encloses and holds the 14th Century shrine

Dragons, grotesques and little figures of boys, mixed with graceful scroll foliage, crowd every possible part of the canopy and its shafts.

The shrine is that of Sebaldus, an 8th century hermit and missionary and patron saint of Nuremberg. He was formally canonized in 1425.

Construction on the St. Sebaldus Church began in the 1230s as a late Romanesque pillar Basilica with two choirs. The Church was completed in 1275

The Church was left a ruin following the Allied bombing campaign on Nürnberg on January 2, 1945 but has now been extensively restored.