Tuesday, June 09, 2009


The 700th Anniversary of Fête-Dieu (Corpus Christi) in Liège in 1946

In the 13th Century, Augustinian nun Juliana of Liège (also called St. Juliana of Mt. Cornillon) (1193 – 5 April 1252) petitioned the Dominican Hugh of St-Cher, Jacques Pantaléon (Archdeacon of Liège and later Pope Urban IV) and Robert de Thorete, Bishop of Liège to establish a feast day for the Eucharist.

In 1246 Bishop Robert de Thorete convened a synod and ordered a celebration of Corpus Christi to be held each year thereafter

In 1264 Pope Urban IV issued the papal bull Transiturus in which Corpus Christi (in French, Fête-Dieu ) was made a feast throughout the entire Latin Rite.