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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Administering of Communion

Print made by Alphonse Legros 1837 - 1911
Les pestiférés de Rome 1852-1877
Etching with light surface tone, printed in brown-black ink on oriental paper 238 millimetres x 320 millimetres
The British Museum, London

Cardinal, accompanied by clergymen carrying cross and lanterns, adminstering viaticum (eucharist) to assembled group of plague victims in the streets of Rome

Print made by Alphonse Legros 1837 - 1911
La Communion dans l'église Saint-Médard 1852-1877
Etching with some surface and plate tone, printed in dark brown ink 363 millimetres x 267 millimetres
The British Museum, London

Alphonse Legros 1837 - 1911
La communion
Oil on canvas 14 x 12,1 in. / 35,5 x 30,8 cm.
Private collection

Legros came to England in 1863 and in 1864 married Miss Frances Rosetta Hodgson. At first he lived by his etching and teaching. He then became teacher of etching at the South Kensington School of Art, and in 1876 Slade Professor at University College, London.

In the 1860s her turned to the Spanish painters for inspiration.

“ Communion dans l’Eglise St Médard “ is perhaps the best known instance of the dignity, and sympathy with which he addressed himself to ecclesiastical themes

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