Friday, March 27, 2009

An end to "Catholic discrimination"

This morning we opened our newspapers to headlines declaring "Gordon Brown pledges to end 'discrimination' in Royal succession"

The discrimination: the "discrimination" against women and those who marry Roman Catholics in the Royal line of succession

Why the new Jerusalem ?

Well, a Liberal Democrat was promoting a private members Bill to do the same thing. It was to be heard today. It has been blocked by the Government and the Government had to offer a sop to its supporters who happen to be Catholic. Especially to Labour tribalists in the West of Scotland and around Liverpool.

It took the edge off some other news the Government wanted to take off the news agenda. Such as how the Prime Minister was overruled in economic policy by The Governor of the Bank of England and the Treasury. The criticism of the Prime Minister`s economic policies by the European Union and others which now threatens "the Grand New Economic Agreement" long trumpeted by the Prime Minister for the forthcoming G20 meeting in London ?

It also was designed to take some attention off the horrible and disgusting announcement that abortion clinics will soon be able to advertise their "services" on television in the United Kingdom (which is a policy approved of and encouraged by this Government) [Does the Prime Minister really think that any Catholic in the United Kingdom is going to forget that ?]

Of course such discrimination against Catholics and women is unjust.

But does the Government not have more to do with its time ?

In any event if you read the small print:

1. the discrimination to be tackled is simply about the religious affiliation of the spouse of the Monarch and those in line to the Royal Succession, and not the affiliation of those who are either the Monarch or in the line of succession. There are no proposals about altering the bar to such people being Catholic.

2. the Government intends to legislate not until after the next election, when presumably it will not be in power.

Such blatant news management and spin is an insult to the intelligence of all Catholics in the United Kingdom.

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