Sunday, August 08, 2010

A Very Small Adminicle of Evidence

Two Angels carry the Throne of the Virgin who has died, been assumed into Heaven and crowned
From The Office of the Assumption
In Oraisons et capitules à l'usage de l'abbaye Saint-Ouen de Rouen (From the Abbey Saint-Ouen at Rouen)
c. 1090
Liturgical Manuscript
Rouen - BM - ms. 0233 f. 103

"The innumerable temples which have been dedicated to the Virgin Mary assumed into heaven clearly attest this faith. So do those sacred images, exposed therein for the veneration of the faithful, which bring this unique triumph of the Blessed Virgin before the eyes of all men. ...

This belief of the sacred pastors and of Christ's faithful is universally manifested still more splendidly by the fact that, since ancient times, there have been both in the East and in the West solemn liturgical offices commemorating this privilege. The holy Fathers and Doctors of the Church have never failed to draw enlightenment from this fact since, as everyone knows, the sacred liturgy, "because it is the profession, subject to the supreme teaching authority within the Church, of heavenly truths, can supply proofs and testimonies of no small value for deciding a particular point of Christian doctrine."