Saturday, February 14, 2009

Christ in Glory

Duncan Grant (1885-1978)
Christ in Glory 1941-42
Mural: Chancel
Berwick Church, East Sussex

Duncan Grant (1885-1978) was the lead artist for the Berwick murals and put forward the initial proposals.

The mural depicts Christ, having offered himself on the cross, now enthroned in heaven with angels worshiping him.

On the right of the Chancel arch are Bishop Bell (kneeling) and behind him the Rector of Berwick, Revd G. Mitchell.

On the left are the kneeling figures of a soldier (Douglas Hemming, killed at Caen in 1944), a sailor (Mr Weller) and an airman (Mr Humphry).

Christ’s rule and victory over death is set over a country in the turmoil of a war. Poppies can be seen in the foreground symbolising remembrance and resurrection. The South Downs landscape is in the background.