Friday, October 17, 2008

Threats to the Right to Life

The Times has a number of disturbing stories.

In `Abortion ship' off Spanish coast it was reported that a flotilla of anti-abortion campaigners threatened to gate-crash a “death party” and prevent a Dutch “abortion ship” from docking in the Spanish port of Valencia

After picking up six passengers the ship,the Aurora, run by the Dutch “pro-choice” group Women on Waves, steamed out into international waters 12 miles from the shore to escape Spanish jurisdiction.

In 'Second-class life' not enough for injured rugby star Daniel James it is reported that Dan James, aged 23 years, of Nuneaton Rugby Club, who was paralysed in a training accident travelled to Switzerland to end his life

"The parents of a young rugby player who travelled to a Swiss clinic to kill himself after he was paralysed in a training accident said he was living “a second-class existence”.

Daniel James, 23, who played for England schoolboys had travelled to a euthanasia clinic last month with his parents, Mark and Julie.

The student was left paralysed from the chest down after his spine was dislocated when a scrum collapsed during training with Nuneaton Rugby Club in March 2007.

But his condition is not believed to have been terminal and he is reported to have made some progress in regaining use of his fingers.

Mr and Mrs James said today that their son had tried “several” times to kill himself before he “gained his wish”. They described their son as “an intelligent young man of sound mind” who was “not prepared to live what he felt was a second-class existence”.

Daniel had several operations and spent eight months rehabilitating in hospital before returning to his parents’ £600,000 home in Sinton Green, near Worcester. He died at the Dignitas clinic on September 12. "