Saturday, October 04, 2008

Left wing politics in the United Kingdom

Normally I try to keep out of political commentary, especially about party politics in the United Kingdom.

However Father Ray Blake in his post "New Labour- Anti-Catholic" presents an extremely disturbing story about a Labour Party MEP, Mary Honeyball, who is one of the MEPs for a large part of London.

On 20th May she wrote an anti-Catholic piece for the Guardian in which she questioned whether Roman Catholics should be discriminated against in public life. For the piece see here: Cardinals' sins - Gordon Brown has allowed his authority to be undermined by the three Catholics in his cabinet

This led to the resignation of a prominent Labour activist reported in the Catholic Herald: see Labour activist quits post over anti-Catholicism

The MEP issued a statement denying that she was "anti-Catholic" and put forward her welcoming of the Government`s commitment to abolish the discriminatory Act of Settlement as proof. (Hmmmmmmmmm!)

However on 25th July 2008 again in The Guardian, she criticised Pope Benedict XVI for refusing to address the European Parliament.

See the article entitled: Pope on the ropes:Benedict XVI won't address the European parliament because of our 'militant secularism'. What a foolish and self-defeating stance

On the resignation of Ruth Kelly from the Cabinet a few days ago, the MEP issued a scathing personal attack on Ms Kelly. See The Catholic Herald 1st October 2008

In her latest attack, Ms Honeyball said: "It appears that Ms Kelly is at last doing the decent thing and going, because she cannot support the HFE Bill due to come before the House of Commons soon for its third reading.

"It is well known that Kelly not only opposed but forced a free vote during the second reading on three of the Bill's most important clauses: screening embryos for diseases to allow saviour siblings, the creation of human-animal hybrid embryos for vital medical research and ending the requirement for a father in IVF treatment.

"All this is, of course, entirely in line with the Catholic Church's attitude. Kelly put her religion before the wishes of those who elected her during the second reading of the Embryology Bill. Her decision to go means that this, thankfully, will not happen again,"

The MEP is clearly unfit to hold any kind of public office.