Saturday, January 27, 2007

Blessed Damien of Molokai and Blessed Mother Marianne Cope

Father Damien, since 1995 Blessed Damien of Molokai, born Joseph de Veuster, SS.CC. (January 3, 1840, Tremelo – April 15, 1889, Molokai), dedicated his life in service to the lepers of Molokai in the Kingdom of Hawaii.

Mother Marianne Cope (January 23, 1838 – August 9, 1918), was a Franciscan nun of the Sisters of the Third Order of Saint Francis, a religious order of the Roman Catholic Church. She followed Father Damien in serving the lepers of Molokai. On May 14, 2005, Mother Marianne was beatified by Pope Benedict XVI in a ceremony in Vatican City.

Father Damien died on April 15, 1889. This photograph shows Mother Marianne Cope standing beside his body.