Monday, July 02, 2012

Papa Luciani - no, not forgotten

The tomb of Pope John Paul I in the Crypt of St Peter`s Basilica in the Vatican
Source: Wikipedia

The last time I was in Rome was shortly before the death of Blessed Pope John Paul II

I visited the Vatican crypt where many of the tombs of the Popes are

At that time the tomb for Papa Luciani seemed rather forlorn - a bit out  on a limb. For some reason it was rather sad that the Pope who only reigned for little more than a month had seemed to be forgotten. 

Outshone by the supernova  that was Blessed John Paul II

Therefore it is good to report that the process of canonisation for John Paul I is proceeding apace athough rather more slowly than for Blessed John Paul II

Lori Piper from New York has a very strong devotion to the cause of The Smiling Pope and in her blog On Pilgrimage  reports that the Positio on John Paul I’s cause for beatification will soon be turned in to the Holy See. 

It will go in on the centenary of the birth of Papa Luciani

Miss Pieper`s blog is an excellent source of information in English on the life and works of the Pope as well as comment. She provides translations into English from many Italian sources. In Italy it would appear that devotion to the late Pope is far stronger than in Englsih speaking countries. Hence the importance of her translations, especially of the book The Smiling Pope: The Life and Teaching of John Paul I