Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Vatican insisted on the use of Latin in the Papal Masses

The evidence is growing that the Vatican has insisted on the use of Latin in the major parts of the Papal masses to be said in the United Kingdom..

The Herald has quoted Monsignor Peter Smith, Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Glasgow and an organiser of the Pope’s Mass at Bellahouston as saying:

“The Vatican made it clear they wanted the Pope to say some of the Glasgow Mass in Latin because there will be a live TV and internet feed from Bellahouston beamed to a global audience of one billion and they wanted the people of the world to be able to join in. The universal language of the church is Latin.”
The new English translation will also be used.
The Bellahouston Mass will be begin in English in the current form, switch to Latin for the Eucharistic Prayer II and the Our Father and then revert to the English. The Glory Be, the Creed and the Lamb of God will be in a brand new English translation which is intended to be closer to the original Latin.

However the decision does not appear to have met with approval from such quarters although it has been welcomed greatly by others.