Friday, May 22, 2009

The View of Cardinal George Pell

Regarding the reports of “endemic abuse” in Ireland, Catholic News reports that Sydney Cardinal George Pell has said he was deeply moved by the brutality and cruelty catalogued in the 2500-page report on "endemic" mistreatment in church-run institutions in Ireland.

Cardinal Pell promised to closely examine and act on any links between the country's clergy and "grim" sexual abuse allegations contained in the report.

"It is grim reading," Cardinal Pell said.

"The only way forward is to acknowledge the wrongs that have been, to institute just procedures to process the complaints (and) to offer help to healing and compensation."

Pell said the Irish report would be thoroughly examined for any links to clergy or members of religious orders in Australia.

"And whatever needs to be done in the Sydney Archdiocese, and indeed more widely in Australia, will be done to bring justice to victims," he said.

Meanwhile, victims of abuse by members of the clergy in Australia have renewed their calls for a royal commission into the matter to be set up, ABC News says.