Monday, February 18, 2008

Newman and Westmacott

"Go: and sin no more" 1849
Richard Westmacott, the Younger, (III)R.A. 1799 - 1872
Marble relief 997 X 689 mm
Royal Academy of Arts, London

Richard Westmacott (the younger) (1799 - 19 April 1872) - also sometimes described as Richard Westmacott III (to distinguish him from his father and grandfather - both sculptors bearing the same name) - was a prominent English sculptor of the early- and mid-19th century.

He succeeded his father to serve as the RA's professor of sculpture (1857-1868). However he is eclipsed by his father Sir Richard Westmacott (1775-1856) who was a student of Canova and whose output was prodigious.

He was at Ealing School with Newman and remained a close friend of Newman`s at least until his conversion.

Newman commissioned Westmacott to execute a memorial for Mrs Jemina Newman at Littlemore when she died in 1836. The memorial was executed about 1837.

He also executed a bust of Newman see below.