Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Exhibition of the Inquisition

Joseph Nicolas Robert-Fleury (1797 - 1890),
Galileo before the Holy Office 1847,
Oil on Canvas
Musée du Louvre , Paris

Secret documents from Holy Inquisition revealed is the title of an article in The Times.

Secret documents from the archives of the Holy Inquisition went on public show for the first time in Rome

Sixty documents are on display at the Vittoriano Museum on Piazza Venezia in the centre of Rome included a collection of maps of Jewish settlements across Italy, "the oldest evidence we have of the ghettos''.

There are also decrees from the Inquisition's Index of Forbidden Books, including a ban on the Renaissance poet and writer Ludovico Ariosto, with detailed comments by the censor on why Arisoto's work was unacceptable.

Vatican officials said the exhibition would run for only a month because of the "fragile nature" of the documents.